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Interventions are a delicate and intensive process for everyone involved. They require skilled guidance and careful coaching to be successful. Counseling  by Hartman can give you just that for just $500 per initial session. Subsequent sessions only cost $250.

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Addiction Intervention and Family Counseling

The goal of an interventionist is to encourage an alcoholic or drug addict to get help. To accomplish this, the addicted person must accept responsibility for their addiction. With this acceptance comes a need to make things right. This means repairing the damaged family system. The interventionist doesn’t just inspire the addict to change, they put their loved ones back in control of the family dynamic. With proper counseling, the family can move forward in a new direction.

The addicted person won’t be motivated to fix their problem until they have a compelling reason to do so. An intervention gives them that reason on the family’s terms, not on theirs. By aligning the family’s focus to a single solution, the interventionist is able to unify the diverse perspectives that exist within a family. This common front that the family shares leaves no doubt in the addict’s mind that they need to get the level of care that their loved ones have decided on.

It is in an addict’s nature to try to make excuses and manipulate their family into allowing them to continue to abuse drugs or alcohol.  They may want to lash out angrily or try to run away if their lifestyle is put in jeopardy.  Even though it is in their best interest to get sober and make their loved ones happy, their addiction will not allow them to surrender. 

An interventionist will help the family make changes to their own behavior and how they interact with the addict.  This change in the family dynamic will lay the groundwork for the addict to achieve lasting recovery, free from addiction.



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