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The family services at Counseling by Hartman are of the highest quality and they are backed by years of experience. Your family’s mental and physical wellness are integral to a healthy family dynamic.  Our Family Counseling Services will help you to operate effectively as a family unit.  We can help you live together without resentment or distrust.

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Family Systems Counseling


At Counseling by Hartman, we have the skills and experience necessary to help your family regain a healthy balance.  We specialize in addiction and co-dependency with an emphasis on family systems.  Our goal is to help families come to terms with the challenges of their past and move forward without shame, guilt or resentment.  

Many families have been affected by drug and alcohol addiction.  Substance abuse can leave a path of destruction in its wake.  For these families, there is a lot of emotional and psychological healing that needs to occur before they can steer their lives in a healthy, happy direction.  

Family systems counseling is the foundation for a healthy family unit.  We provide people with a safe and confidential place to discuss past experiences, current issues and goals for the future.  Here we can discuss the fears, expectations and problems that arise when dealing with issues in daily life.  

Dale Hartman has been certified and endorsed in numerous techniques and has experience in treating grief, substance abuse, co-dependency, childhood trauma, stress management and a host of other issues.  Through his extensive knowledge and experience, Dale Hartman has the ability to help you through the most difficult of life’s challenges relative to the disease of addiction and the process of recovery.