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With a background in addiction, I know the pain endured by the addicted individual and their family and loved ones as well.  At Counseling by Hartman, we combine substance abuse counseling with family therapy and interventions to help heal the wounds caused by prolonged addiction.  We know that an addicted person’s behavior is closely tied to their relationship with the world.  By working to fix these relationships we can build the basis for lasting recovery.

Addiction is a family disease.


At Counseling by Hartman we work with alcoholics, addict and their families to find solutions to deeply rooted problems. 

Our commitment is to help people affected by drug and alcohol addiction.  We provide the education and support necessary to build the skill set necessary to heal the family members and friends of addicted individuals.

Sometimes the process of encouraging individuals to accept treatment is best approached with a family intervention.  These drug and alcohol addiction interventions aim to restore a healthy balance to families held hostage by substance abuse.

Dale Hartman is extensively trained and experienced in providing services to both the addict and the family system.  We offer Individual Substance Abuse Counseling, Family Counseling and Interventions.


" Working with the homeless and those in addiction has given me experience that is needed to help in the most desperate situations."


The first consultation is free

Individual Counseling $75.00 per hour

Interventions $500.00 per initial first session

$250.00 each session after

Interventions will be set for time and date by counselor

Interventions and Substance Abuse Counseling

Addiction Counselor & Interventionist

Dale Hartman is supervised by Dr. Jessica Rodriguez, Clinical Educational Director, Lead Educator for Onsite Strategies.

He is a certified, recommended Interventionist at gatewayinterventions.com

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