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At Counseling by Hartman, our focus is on the family.  We work with addicts and their loved ones to provide Family System services. Drug and Alcohol addiction is known as a family disease, it not only affects the addict but everyone around them as well. Our commitment is to provide the support necessary to educate these families on addiction treatment and to help them develop the skill set needed to recover.  At Counseling by Hartman, we provide substance abuse counseling to help your family live a happy, healthy life.

There is Hope

With over 30 years of experience, I am uniquely qualified to help you break the chains of addiction and find freedom in recovery. I use the latest, evidence-based techniques that have been proven to help people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. I am here to guide you to Recovery. Through intervention, addiction counseling and grief counseling, Counseling By Hartman is equipped to assist the addicted individual and their loved ones through the process of rebuilding damaged relationships.

Let us help you cross the bridge from the prison of addiction to the freedom of recovery. 

Dale Hartman


Addiction & Life Counselor

Dale first came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake in Utah and has served the Lord in his work ever since. Dale’s favorite book in the Bible is Romans.

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